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Nursing Bottle Set for Kittens and Puppies 60ml

5,198 Fr
This bottle is perfect for feeding puppies, kittens or even sick adult animals. It is specifically designed to help you feed your pet easily. The nursing bottle can be used to drink milk, water, soup and so on. Hand feeding your pet will be easier using this feeding bottle. ▶️A bottle brush is included for washing the bottle. ▶️This set comes with 5 different teats sizes for animals of different sizes and style of feeding.

Dog Bowls & Feeders – Online Pet Shop in Rwanda

Mealtimes are special times for your dog and having the good dog bowls and feeders is one step towards ensuring their lives are enjoyable. If not regulated, some dogs will scarf down food so fast leading to likelihood of poor digestion. To slow down the rate at which your puppy gulps food, a slow feeder dog bowl is recommended. Large dogs may require exceptionally large dog bowls while small breeds will be just fine with dog dishes for puppies.

Automatic dog feeders as well as manual and gravity driven ones can be a lifesaver for pet owners who desire to keep a tight regular feeding schedule for their dogs. In addition, if you work long hours or are not able to be at home during feeding times, dog water fountains and dog food dispensers can be of great help. The puppy bottle available on Petsasa is very useful for feeding the young ones and sick animals on either liquid food or water.

Going outdoors or travelling with your dog? Our folding dog bowl and foldable dog water bottle will come in handy. Add a dog treat ball toy and you have a deal.

Shop for these and more dog goodies in Rwanda on online Petsasa pet store.