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Washable Female Dog Diapers Physiological Panties

6,991 Fr
Switch from crinkly throw-away diapers with this Washable Female Dog Diapers Physiological Panties from Petsasa pet shop in Rwanda. Dog

Dog Cleaning & Potty Supplies – Online Pet Store in Rwanda

Caring for new puppy or a senior dog often times than not will require one to have at hand some Dog Cleaning & Potty supplies. Depending on the unique needs of the pup in question, one may need one or multiple items from the dog toilet and waste section. If you are a dog owner is Rwanda, you can rest assured that you will find a lot of the pet care essentials right here.

Dog potty pads and potty pee pad holders are commonly used by most pet owners living with a dog that for one reason or another does not have access to a outside area such as garden. The dog pee pads are very efficient and are a must have for such scenarios. The dog diapers and physiological underwear and panties come in handy for young pups or senior dogs with an incontinence problem. They can also be used of dogs that pee often when excited.

When it comes to cleaning, we all know that doing it often is the way to go. Fur on the carpet and sofa can accumulate fast. For this, lint rollers and pet fur removers can make your life much easier. If there are odors to remove, do not forget the deodorizers.

Potty training your dog is a crucial part for creating a life-long fulfilling experience. We wish you all the best. Check out our dog training services in Kigali page and more products for general dog training.