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Dog Clothes, Shoes & Accessories in Rwanda

Keep your dog looking decent and fashionable with the best dog clothes, dog shoes and more dog accessories. Whether going out for a drive, hiking or staying indoors, our wide selection of pet apparel for dogs will wow you. What is in store for your pup?

Types of Dogs Clothes & Apparel in Rwanda

  • Dog Coats and Jackets – After all, you do not want to leave your dog feeling cold
  • Sweaters and hoodies
  • Tops and shirts
  • Dog Shoes – For rainy days and for hot sunny days
  • Costumes
  • Accessories

When it is raining outside, a combination of a dog jacket and some dog rain boots will do the trick. Afterwards, a good cleaning might be necessary though.

With the wide selection of dog clothes available at Petsasa pet store in Rwanda, pet owners can now relax and shop online.