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Dog Training & Behavior Supplies in Rwanda at Petsasa Pet Store

One of the most overlooked aspect of dog ownership is dog training & behavior. When done right, getting your dog trained to behave in certain ways can greatly improve the quality of life and the relationship between the dog and you or other members of the family. That said, dog training is not a simple task. Patience is required.  When you adopt a new puppy , the first few weeks or months could likely consist of poop accidents, chewed shoes, unnecessary barking and other behavioural manifestations. The good thing, all these can be corrected with proper dog training.

At Petsasa, we carry a wide range of dog training products. Dog potty training are mostly sought especially for new puppies and dogs living in a housed set up without outdoors access. There are training collars and leashes specially made for that purpose. Dog GPS and activity trackers are crucial when you need to keep an eye on the movement and whereabouts of your dog. When coupled with dog fencing system, they make a reliable security system for your dog. Bark control devices are used to train dogs when to bark and when not to.

Whether training for agility or sport training, Petsasa has you covered. Our calming aids also come in handy for calming down dogs. When training security guard dogs, our bite suits and related will keep you safe during twining.

Shop for the best dog training products in Rwanda and enjoy fast and convenient delivery to countrywide. Petsasa is the largest pet store in Kigali.